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  • Product Name : High Tech Grinding Concrete Floor Grinding Machines HTG-680-4A
    Size : HTG-680-4A
    Country of Origin : Fujian
    Contact : Janeling (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • 1.Self-propelled concrete stone floor grinder  HTG-680-4A is the perfect machine.variable speed adjust providing you with more versatility and more flatly contrast with others.

    2.Planetary heads made with all steel gears.

    3.Instant Change System magnetic metal plates with removable Velcro attachments.

    4.Motor and inverter are approved CE,qualtiy assured.

    Technical Specification

    Model HTG-680-4A
    Voltage 220-240V/380V-440V, 3Phase
    Input Power 9.5KW(13HP)
    Inverter 11KW(15HP)
    Current  29.3/50.5AMP
     HZ 50/60HZ
    Work Area 680mm
    Disc Speed 450-1680RPM
    Disc Diameter 230mm*4
    Water Tank 23L
    Extra Weight 2*20KG
    Weight 405KG
    L*W*H 124*77*132cm