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  • Product Name : High Tech Grinding Concrete Polishing Grinding Machines HTG-800-4E
    Size : HTG-800-4E
    Country of Origin : Fujian
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  • Manufacturing Center

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    Xingyi Factory had developed for 19 years,Awarded 123 patents for inventions.Helping our clients finished many kinds of floor  maintance grinding  polishing projects.

    Machine Description

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    Machine Details

    Concrete Polishing Grinding Machines.jpg

    Features & Advantages

    1. This device have labor   liberation completely.which is the great advance in China.
    we can control the machines in a few meters away with it.

    2. The gears drive the four heads  self-rotating,and the pleantary head in the other direcion at the same time.

    3. Three-level additiona weight  making it fot for more floors.

    4. As we can see the Handle,the  emergency switch,speed control switch,LED light,Clocker and so on.which makes  the grinding and polishing more clearly and easily

    5. Automatic  High Effiency Grinding Machine HTG-800-4E.Can working at the wet and dry ground  Greatly reduce the labor force.Remote Control makes working more easily.

    Technical Specification

    Model 800-4E
    Working width 800mm
    Grinding disc 256mm*4
    Rotating speed 450-1950rpm
    HP 20HP
    Voltage 220-240V/380-440V
    Amperage 50.5A/29.3A
    Water tank 24L
    Weight 555kg
    Additional weight 40kg

    Customer Demo

    Concrete Polishing Grinding Machines.jpg


    Concrete Polishing Grinding Machines.jpg